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Spark The Discussion

It’s interesting to think that we live in an age where people want to know what you do in 140 characters or less, but as soon as they’ve been hooked, they expect constant and consistent content to explain the how and why behind what is you do day in and day out. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just makes things more interesting and requires a bit more creativity on our part as business owners. 

Dr. Z, otherwise known as Zach Schaefer, Ph.D., realized his consulting business was lacking that needed hook, and set out to rebrand his business accordingly. Now this is no easy task. You basically have to step outside your own realm of thinking and put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. You have to take all the jargon familiar to you and your colleagues, and translate it into ideas that not only can be comprehended by your target audience, but resonate with them as well. This is where the idea of adding that spark to a discussion came from. When reflecting back on the many areas of communication that encompass his expertise, Dr. Z discovered a theme driving his consulting philosophy. When communications become stagnant and go stale, Dr. Z is the one who comes in and adds that spark needed to reignite the discussion. Thus the creation of his newly branded consulting agency: Spark the Discussion

Now that he has his hook in place and a brand to develop and promote, his next steps are to focus on becoming a thought leader in both his profession and the eyes of his targeted consumer base. If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Z and exploring all that he has to offer your company, you can follow him on Twitter at @SparkSolver or check out his site at

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