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My name is Alex Burkart, and I'm a Strategic Intelligence Analyst, with a strong foundation in marketing, communications, and strategic planning. On one hand, I'm the Director of Strategic Marketing for America's Central Port, one of the Midwest's largest freight hubs and economic development engines. Trains, cranes, barges, manufacturing, and all the toys you played with when you were a kid come to life at this place. The opportunity to be in a position to solve the many complex business challenges related to promoting economic development and job growth for the Southwest Illinois region is an incredible honor. 

On the other hand, comes the passion that gave me this opportunity, Never Industries, Inc., a strategic intelligence and marketing consultancy. If you’ve ever built anything from the ground up, challenged the status quo, or tested the impossible, you’ll understand why I chose “Never” as the brand to embody what we do. Named for the individuals that make their companies great, there is no finish line for these people. They set bigger more audacious goals for themselves year after year. They aren’t just doers, they are engineers. They don’t just get the job done, they look for every opportunity to do it better. They are obsessed with growth, disciplined in their craft, and have miles and miles of heart.

Free Coffee With Alex is my attempt to meet and share the stories of the ones who put in the work and get the job done, who take extreme ownership in everything they do, are passionately curious about life, love investing in others, strive to give the best of themselves to everyone and everything they do, wake up ready for opportunity, and no matter the circumstance, never give up. 

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