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Confidence is Beautiful

To be able to say I met her towards the beginning of her soon to be successful career, is priceless. To see where it started, her early motivations, the passion, her drive to be better, and the desire to invest in others, left me in awe. It’s not every day you meet someone with such a bright future. I don’t mean to say I don’t run across successful individuals, or people who have accomplished a great deal, but I feel like I just met someone who’s currently living the chapters from the first book she goes on tour with. The struggles, the ups and downs, the good days and the bad, all ending with a common state of mind of what can I do to be better and help others around me to do the same.

This was the impression Morgan Witzke left on me just after one cup of coffee. A model social worker, in that not only does she aspire to be better every day, but has recently launched her modeling career. Currently earning her Master’s in Social Work, her passions include educating and encouraging young women about the true nature of beauty, helping to strengthen relationships and marriages, and aiding in the fight for various social justice needs, especially human trafficking. As for her modeling career, which started this past year, she holds herself to a “what would my grandmother think” standard when accepting contracts. Having the utmost respect for her body, she has said no to offers that could launch her career as a model, but would force her to forfeit her body to the will of the industry. Morgan is a gladiator for what we should see more of in this world, a world where people are not looked at as disposable, replaceable objects, but as people worth investing in. Her glowing confidence and courage to stand for herself and women everywhere is nothing short of the true definition of beauty.

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