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Building A Better Boat

Will it stick? Will it spark engagement? Will it increase conversions? Will it achieve our desired outcomes and produce the results we are looking for? These are the questions we ask ourselves when creating exceptional creative work.

Creating a message that truly resonates with its intended audience is no easy feat, but what about the delivery of your message? I think we take for granted the work that goes into a great media strategy. Without having someone who knows how to ensure your message is in the right place at the right time all of the time, even the most creative work can fall flat.

Assuming you hired a rock solid agency to take this burden off your shoulders to create and execute your media strategy, how do you tell if it could have been better? Maybe your expectations were met or even exceeded, but the best of the best know that it’s not about being good, it’s about always looking for ways to be better. With the complexities that come with navigating the media supply chain, it can be cumbersome at best to take on a media audit internally. Your agencies might offer you an after action report, but asking for insights from those with vested interests in the outcomes of your media decisions are probably not the best resource to tap.

After chatting with Mike Solomon, the Chief Media Operations Officer for MMi, a St. Louis based media audit company, he explained to me that as an independent firm, they can maintain media and agency neutrality and deliver pure objectivity. However, these guys aren’t the type of firm you hire to tell you that your bait sucks and your boat is ugly, and leave it at that. As I gained the impression from Mike himself, their entire team is made up of those with an average of 20+ years agency and media experience. They practically have it in their blood to make sure your media delivers the right audience at the right time in the most efficient way possible. With reported spending anywhere from tens of millions to billions solely on media, MMi knows that at the end of the day their goal is is to deliver quantifiable insights that matter, helping clients optimize media planning efforts, and in essence, build a better boat.

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