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A Mindset For Success

There are far too many elements involved with one’s success to highlight only one as the key, but one of my favorites is networking. I believe the people you choose to build relationships with, both professionally and socially, give definition to your personal brand and warrant your ability to achieve your goals. Professionally, those who can provide priceless knowledge through past experiences and challenge you to be better, do more, and continuously strive for greatness, are the connections you should treasure if you are so lucky to have within your network.

Marvin Roberts, as seen on the right, is one of these connections. In our conversation, he said something that made me realize how valuable of a friend and professional connection he truly is. When asked what led him to join the Army at such a young age, he replied:

“I realized I was better, could do better, be better.”​

Before he had made this statement, he had already proven his character as an honorable man who puts God, his family, and his country before himself, but this statement was the icing on the cake. Anyone who sees adversity as opportunity to achieve new heights, officially has a place on my wall of heroes.

After retiring in 2004 from 20 years of service in the military, he found himself in sales, earning a degree in Sustainable Management, and becoming more involved with his community. His current pursuits include his role as a Sales Representative for ADT Security Systems, as well as earning his Masters in Occupational Health and Safety. His pursuits in life have provided him with the ability to build rapport with many business owners and clients, as he understands the value of protecting the ideas you’ve developed into what is now your living and professional pursuit.

If you’re interested in learning more about Marvin, check out his profile on LinkedIn.

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